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Paranoia is a personal life story. Memoirs in the form of short essays. The novel reveals my primitive complexes, inmost emotions and cracked dreams. It is a tale about an escape from the elemental impulses and social clichés through a journey. The emotional path meanders between the unbearable hypocrisy of the stony-hearted society, a self-destructive self-denial and an awe of the natural insanity. I like to think of my text as a hiking route – one must climb really hard and subdue every peak in order to face the roughness of the mountain thus feel its beauty and appreciate the cosiness of the hut.

I experienced Paranoia when I was 20 years old. Maybe the teenage style is rough and the novel is inspired by primary vanity and some clichéd depressions. But I believe that the real challenge is to write impartially and honestly. And I can assure you that Paranoia is truth. If nothing else it is still my revelation!

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