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Stalking Claire Stevens

By: A.D. Duling

To those who continue to support me…I love you.

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Death can come in the most tragic of ways and most of the time, it comes very unexpectedly. Life is like fragile porcelain for those of us who are mortal. It’s solid, but its structure is volatile. Some can live a life to a ripened old age and for some, life is cut short. For some, it is cut so short it makes them angry. Their life taken away is heart wrenching for the victim and for those who were left behind.

It is inconvenient and inconsiderate. For death to come unexpected for the killer, we call it justice. But the law tells us revenge is not justice, but how many of us agree with the law?

Many believe if the killer can do the killing, then so can they do the dying. Their victims didn’t have a choice, so why should they?

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