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The Anomaly Volume One

The Battle for the Known Unknown


Bradley Stoke


Copyright © 2012 by Bradley Stoke

Chapter One
Intrepid - 3754 C.E.

A space ship. One of the largest in the solar system. Twelve kilometres long. Two kilometres in diameter. A wonder of 32nd Century Technology.

Perhaps two thirds of the ship’s volume was dedicated to the engine and fully ninety percent, whether in the passengers’ segments or in the engine rooms, was composed of water. This was mostly in liquid form and stored at a phenomenally high pressure. From outside the ship resembled a huge cylinder along which were arraigned portals on which smaller craft could dock. Ahead of the space ship, extending a kilometre or more, was a elongated cone that tapered to a rounded point. Like all space craft, it was constructed from the debris of shattered asteroids and comets.

This massive vehicle was travelling through open space at an astonishing speed, perhaps as much as a tenth the speed of light, at a trajectory that was roughly perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. It took nearly a week for the light from the sun to reach the space ship’s surface. So fast and large was the space ship that it was obliged to travel at least a light day distant from the Solar System’s traffic lanes that were too congested to accommodate such a hazardous vehicle.

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