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Caina Amalas is a Ghost nightfighter, an assassin and spy of the Emperor, and her cunning saved the city of Marsis from a brutal invasion.

Now she must keep the war from becoming worse.

The nobles of the Imperial city of Cyrioch plan to revolt, and assassins stalk the high lords of the Empire. Only Caina stand betweens the Empire and a ruinous civil war.

But Caina faces a far more dangerous enemy than mere assassins.

A enemy that whispers from the darkness of her own mind...


Copyright 2012 by Jonathan Moeller.

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Ebook edition published October 2012.

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Chapter 1 - Assassins

Caina Amalas spotted the assassin.

She stood among the crowds filling the Praetorian Basilica and watched Lord Corbould Maraeus give his speech. The Basilica was a vast stone hall, its vaulted roof rising five hundred feet overhead, elaborate balconies lining the walls. Corbould, a lean man in his middle fifties, stood upon the dais, tall and imposing in his black armor. Nobles and magistrates sat near the dais, and master merchants and magi sat behind them. Commoners packed the balconies, looking down upon the nobles, merchants, and magi.

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