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The Growling

By Dave Jeffery

Copyright Dave Jeffery September 2010

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Cover design by: Dave Jeffery

Cover Image: Canstock Images

The Growling

“Stop it! Stop it, for Christ’s sake! You’re killing him!”

The voice was distant, a dream within the nightmare, fogged by fury and the need to get even, to set things straight; rage fuelling the repeated pummeling punches; blunting the pain in the knuckles as they parted lips, mashing them against teeth, the sickening crackle of a nose disintegrating under the onslaught. The gurgle of warm blood in the back of the throat.

Retribution is a cold beast, but Cory Anderson was warmed by it, juiced up on it, getting positively high on it and all the time his heart pounding, pounding, pounding; in beat with the beating he willfully doled out.

Hands upon him now, small hands, hands with nails that used to rake him in the throes of desire; Jennifer Spencer loved to do it, hell, he loved her to do it, loved her leaving her mark on him.

A sign of her love.

But no love now. No love for quite a while, in fact. Just lies and deceit and distance.

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