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Out on a Limb


Christie Ridgway


Published by Christie Ridgway

© Christie Ridgway 2011



Christmas came a day early, but he wasn’t complaining. As a matter of fact, the timing couldn’t be better. Thanks to the latest terrorism alert—“Elevated Threat”—every cop and every fed in the county was ass-deep in work—car inspections at the border crossings, shoe checks at the airport, passenger list searches at the cruise ship terminal. While the authorities were busy counting bottles of tequila from Tijuana, sifting through the underwear of a grandpa en route to Grand Forks, or holding up one of the Princess line from floating off toward Puerto Vallarta, he’d be busy setting up his future.

He hadn’t lived in San Diego long, but the situation he’d inherited was perfect for a scheme—a dream, really—that had been brewing in his mind for years. Nothing was going to get in his way.

No one.

Baring his teeth in a smile for his contact, Jaime Ortiz, he hefted a battered backpack, testing its weight. “Ten grand is lighter than I thought.”

Jaime frowned. “It’s all there, yes?”

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