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A Royal Resignation

James McLachlan

Copyright 2012 James McLachlan

Published on Smashwords

Chapter 1

The room shuffled to silence as Prince William stepped up to the microphone. As the small talk subsided it was replaced by the usual staccato flashes of the ranks of Canons and Nikons that were an everyday accompaniment to the life of a future king.

Ladies and gentlemen. I have come here today to support the work of the National Cancer Trust. It is a very worthwhile cause and one which deserves all the most generous support which it is given by so many of us.”

The prince paused and took a deep breath before resuming.

I must apologise to the charity because today I wish to use this public event to make a personal announcement. I have decided to resign from my position as Prince William, and I no longer wish to play any public part in the life of this country.”

There were gasps of shock from the audience and the camera flashes resumed with a greater intensity. The Prince continued,

It is my belief that hereditary privilege should not be enshrined in the political system of Britain in the year 2012. Although I love my country deeply and feel that it is a great privilege to carry out the role of a prince and perhaps one day to be a king, such roles are incompatible with the beliefs that I hold. Thank you.”

And with that he exited the makeshift stage that had been erected in the conference room of the charity’s headquarters to a clamour of shouted questions from the shocked ranks of royal correspondents.

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