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Monetary Systems and the End of Society

By J. P. Hutchinson

A short paper on why our current systems based upon currency models cannot be maintained over long periods of time and do not provide long term, consistent, and valuable results. These systems based on weak assumptions can only result in chaotic failures of a society to have a meaningful purpose and to endure over time.

Published by JP Hutchinson

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Copyright 2012

JP Hutchinson


We live in a world where most things are measured in size. Bigger and more is better!

"Worth" is valued in dollars or yens or some other currency. Like the difference between a yard and a meter the primary method creates significant error as it expands. Current society is not satisfied unless there is "growth". Economies are lost if there is not "growth". How do we measure growth? Dollars and cents and percentage increase over the previous years. Decline is bad! Staying the same is terrible! If we have to raise the wages or the prices to make bigger numbers it will make us feel better about ourselves!

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