Striking Deep

Copyright 2012 by Jason R. Martin

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

(Outer Orion Arm Milky Way Galaxy)

Captain Chang was extremely nervous. Today he was to be called before the General. Any sign of weakness or uncertainty in the General's presence could result in reeducation. Reeducation was the systematic torture and brain washing of an individual to bring him back into the General's good graces. The General was the supreme commander. His decisions were not to be questioned, only swiftly obeyed. Colonel Ming was the General's current attache. The General had had several attaches in the past before Col. Ming. They had all been sent away for reeducation. None of them had been seen or heard from again.

Captain Chang reported to Col. Ming's office as he had been ordered too. He stood at attention in front of the Colonel's desk awaiting his recognition. Col. Ming was busy looking at something on his desk. He did not notice the Captain's presence for several seconds. When the Colonel did finally acknowledge him it was as if he had just walked in the door. Capt. Chang did not say anything that would reveal his annoyance. Col. Ming had the power of the General behind him and was feared by all.

β€œCaptain Chang, so good to see you,” Col. Ming said with a big smile on his face. Capt. Chang did not move or respond whatsoever. β€œThe General has questions for you concerning some recent intelligence reports,” Col. Ming said. Capt. Chang felt his heart stop for a moment. The General did not regularly ask questions of people. It was Col. Ming's job to ask questions. Capt. Chang had heard of a few instances when the General had asked people questions, the results had not been pleasant.

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