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Thorn of the Rose

Copyright © 2010, By Fegger

Published By: Fegger (aka Rich Jax) Smashwords Edition

Cover Art By: Kathy M. Krueger


Forward: We, cross-culturally, have come to recognize the Rose as the symbol of love. We are drawn to the stately presentation of the blossom as it exists and thrives among its protective shield of thorny briers. We are enticed by the flower’s fragrance and are captivated by the many delicate folds that comprise the bloom; and, as these petals respond to warmth and time, they expose the golden, fertile core of its being. It is a fragile species that requires the tender care and communication of the most benevolent and selfless of keepers in order to achieve fulfillment and ultimate potential. Yet, as fate would prescribe, this beauty possesses thorns along its stem and guardian branches. It would appear that these barbs are a means for the flower to deter any intimate handling whatsoever; but this is surely not the truth. Should one take this growth for granted, without due sensitivity, blood is drawn and the flower winces along with the pangs felt by the suitor. It therefore becomes a mutual commitment, or accord, which thereby renders the relationship between the flower and the curious to become one; and is created with kindness, admiration and, above all, respect.

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