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Daniel Veri

Copyright 2012 by Daniel Veri

Smashwords Edition

For my wife and my two sons.

Thank you for helping me rediscover the wonderous adventure that is life.

Chapter 1

Put the kid down!” Mr. Campbell yelled across the school yard.

All the children in earshot of the teacher; which was about all of them, stopped what they do during their lunch break and turned towards Mr. Campbell. They watched his huge seven foot high frame standing tall with arms crossed and fire in his eyes. Their eyes then followed his line of sight and pin pointed the victim at the end of those burning red fireballs.

Frozen in time like a framed photo, was an image that should be hanging in the hall of fame of great moments in bullying history. The image was of Tony Montanga; the biggest sixteen year old in the school and probably in the whole southern hemisphere, holding a boy half his size by the ankles over a overflowing rubbish bin. The boy’s eyes wide open in surprise and showing obvious signs he had one or two dunks into the bin before his rescue, with a Yoplait lid pasted onto his cheek and a pop stick poking out of his hair.

All eyes dart back to Mr. Campbell.

At Westshade High we don’t tolerate that behavior, our students come here to learn, not to be dunked in bins like teabags for your entertainment.”

The children burst into laughter and the boy still hanging upside down had just adopted his nick name that will stay with him for the rest of his schooling days, Teabag.

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