My Billionaire Boss's Demonic Secret


Brandy Corvin


Copyright © 2012 by Brandy Corvin

* * * * *

There was something off about Mr. Breedlove. Martha couldn't put a finger on it, but that sinking feeling about him was always there. No matter how far he sat away from her in his building, she constantly felt an extreme sense of unease just knowing that he was near her.

Often times, she'd dismiss it as just another figment of her imagination. After all, Mr. Breedlove was pretty much the whole reason why Martha was still employed.

Tall, dark and handsome, Mr. Breedlove was pretty much the epitome of every woman's alpha male fantasies. He was the champion of Breedlove Industries, a global conglomerate widely known for their weapons as much as their internet dating businesses. It was a giant, lumbering behemoth with influences extending from America to Zimbabwe.

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