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The Transcension

by Charol Messenger


USA Best Book Awards 2012

In the top 6 nationally in new age nonfiction

FINALIST in CIPA EVVY Book Awards in spirituality 2012


We are in a physical and spiritual evolutionary shift. We entered the new 26,000-year Cosmic Age on the autumnal equinox September 23, 2011. Humanity is in a genetic evolutionary leap, right now. We are shifting in consciousness. It is a hopeful transition into a new humanity. HUMANITY 2.0 unveils ground-breaking new revelations of humanity’s genetic evolutionary leap that is happening right now, through activated dormant DNA, particularly in those born since the 1970s. This is most evident in increased brain capacity, psychic and intuitive abilities, health and longevity, and spiritual awakening. Insights in this book answer numerous universal questions, such as: why are we here, where did we come from, who are we, what is consciousness, what is the nature of reality and the cosmos, what is dark energy, what was before the Big Bang; plus, how the universes are expanding, time is speeding up, the earth’s magnetic zones are in a new phasing, and global trends this century and the next.

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