This book is a work of fiction. All characters, places, and events are creations of the author that exist solely in writing.

Work By Amanda Mondoux


Forbidden Era

Short Stories

Whyre Curse

Forbidden Art

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Journey of Ages:

  1. Route of Veracity

  2. Road to Ruins

  3. Path of Destruction


This short was written in honor of my fans. You give me the strength and determination to continue; I create these worlds, the people, and every event for you. Keep reading and remember that fantasy strengthens the mind.

I also want to extend a special thank you to my newest editor and beta reader, Cassandra. Your keen eye saved me some embarrassing moments.


Lightning crashed, highlighting two souls standing before an altar with arms held high. Both faces were drawn tight, one set of eyes gleaming of power hunger while the other only knowing black insanity. The light passed and all faded to darkness. Faint murmuring flowed in rhythmic force, quiet yet commanding enough to bypass the border barring this realm from that. Energy flooded the air, thickening and writhing as sheets of fabric unseen yet felt, snapping in crisp waves. Static built, sparking and flashing over men who would defy the laws of the cosmos.

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