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The Forest

It wasn’t strange we always did it as kids, but maybe that was the awkwardness of seeing a 16 year old running through the woods, no.. it was different now. The air, the trees and the earth the feeling of it all, was like a deep sleep in a bed of soft feathers.

Running past trees, and jumping over branches that peeked thru the moist soil. The wind that blew through my hair, made the oxygen from my body escape my lungs and pass through my lips. It was as the forest was me, and I was the forest; breathing as one. Although the thought was never confirmed it was always true.

As a puddle drew near as I crashed down willingly letting the soft drops crumble down on me, soaking my hair and my skin. Though the longing thoughts of my desired mind and the embrace of the water around, I looked into the sky. I looked at the clouds but yet I looked past. There was a world of forever going life that made the aura of the moment so pure and fresh, shocking chills went through my spine. Yet again I felt connected… I felt accepted. There wasn’t a meaning… or a reason it was because it was the feeling of the moment.

As I lifted my body from the puddle, looking around me, spotted in the corner of my eye; “The Perfect Climbing Tree.” As I reached for the branch above my head, the hardness of the branch showed me protection, health and well being. Lifting my body, as well as my soul I climbed higher, the higher I reached for, the more pure my ecstasy became. When I had reached the climax of such bliss I sat and watched out into the sky. All the music in the world couldn’t measure up to the feelings of peace and harmony, in the entire moment. Wind yet again blowing, but as I was part of the tree, I swayed, the tree and I as one. I climbed down, to the pain of human needs of hunger.

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