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Sibling Sizzle

by Joseph Tea

Published by Joseph Tea at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Joseph Tea

All rights reserved.

Illuminated solely by the dim light on his night stand and the harsh glow of the monitor, Brad was bringing in his nineteenth New Years alone in his bed wearing nothing more than a flimsy pair of boxers. His laptop was carefully balanced on his knees, and he opened porn video after sex tape trying to find something that would catch his eye and his attention for a few minutes so he could sleep. His erection was soft but stiffening in his hand as he gently kneaded and pulled at it. Jumping from category to category, from Anal to BDSM to Couples, none of the actresses in the videos caught his fancy.

Frustrated, he found himself resorting to desperate measures as he opened his Facebook to search for revealing photographs of beautiful women he had come to know over the years. Normally pictures didn't do much for him, but tonight was a special case. His imagination was happy to do a little heavy lifting if it meant a little sweet release. Flipping through Anna's (who was a friend of his older sister) meticulously disorganized albums, he found a group of pictures of her and her friends, including his adopted sister Kristine, frolicking on a pristine beach in Mexico clad wearing revealing two-piece outfits that were basically no different than clinging, skin-tight underwear. His shameless erection stiffened in his hand as he clicked through the photos.

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