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Published by Donald White at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Donald White

Cover Art by William Cook

The first thing he noticed was her neck. It was the first thing Rick Smith ever saw. Her name was Lisa Montgomery and she was the next victim. He scowled, because the sweater she wore partly obscured the object of his attention. So, he contented himself with observing the underside of her chin, and how it proceeded down to her throat. “Hello, Lisa.”

She stood up from the booth as he approached. “Good evening, Rick.” She was of a slight build and moderate height. Her skin was fair, with the appearance of smoothness. Her breasts were concealed by her form-fitting sweater and the blouse underneath. A flowing skirt reached down to the knee, with stockings beneath to cover her legs. He sighed within. It was cold outside, and he would have to wait to open his present.

Rick bowed low, offering her a rose, “For a lovely lady on a frigid night.”

She giggled. “Thank you.” Lisa stretched forth her pretty fingers and snatched the prize from his grasp. She sniffed the soft petals, and then smiled at him.

He had met her at a party just a few days ago: a mild little dinner festivity, in which the music had hardly a tempo. But it was in a relaxed setting that he did his best work. His trained eye could pick them out… the single girls… from those fresh out of high school to the young businesswomen.

Yes, there were rival suitors, but he rarely had difficulty gaining the attention of a fair damsel. He was a tall and handsome man, with dark hair and shiny white teeth. His eyes had the power to mesmerize. Rick would introduce himself politely, making contact only to kiss a hand. There was one goal in mind… a date. He would restrain his impulses for that one night. She had to be at ease. She must be separated from the others. And he needed some privacy.

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