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Gardening is fun for adults and children alike. The exercise, fresh air and sunshine are all beneficial to healthier living, not to mention the benefits of eating nutritious food that you grew yourself.

Gardening can be a simple endeavor. There’s no need to go out and invest in lots of farm equipment. Many gardeners get by quite well with a shovel, a hoe and rake.

If you do not want to start your gardening project on a large scale, you can start by setting up an area in a sunny windowsill or on your patio or deck.

Make the experience an enjoyable one for all members of the family. Gardening can help young children learn about nature and its relationship to man.

This Simple Gardening Guide can be the starting point for learning about vegetables and how easy they are to grow. Included here are but a few of the possible vegetable choices for your garden. Grow what you like to eat and enjoy the experience.

Tips for Growing Mustard Greens in Your Garden

Mustard greens are one of the easiest leafy vegetable crops to grow in your garden. This delicious vegetable needs little care and has become a gardening favorite. Growing and eating mustard greens is very popular in the Southern part of the US. Mustard greens are a cool weather crop that can be harvested in as little as 45 days.

Try to choose a location where the plants can grow in both full and partial sunlight like under the branches of a tree in a corner of the garden. Mustard greens tend to wilt if exposed to too much sun during the warmer days of summer so it is important to keep plants well watered.

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