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Magic Weapons

Published by Robert Green at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Robert Green

Thank you for taking a peek at Magic Weapons. If you like it, it’s thanks to my wife, Elizabeth Green, for her devastatingly honest feedback and for designing the cover. You can also thank

Kevin Gomez, Joseph Sliker, Kelsey Brain, and my parents, Harold and Gale Green. If you hate this book, go ahead and blame me for that.  

A Brief Introduction from the Editor:

Pause, kindly reader, and I shall tell you a tale!

May I ask what brings you to our vast continent of Lizdria? Is it business? No! Most certainly it’s for pleasure!

You are holding in your hand my greatest work. I have assigned myself the unenviable task of capturing the most important event in Lizdrian history into a single volume. For this, I turn to the journals of Marcus Mason, the greatest explorer to ever live. You will learn the history straight from the words of Mason and the people he knew. I have spent much of my life collecting and going through their journals, and now I present to you this definitive collection.

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