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The Captain’s Tale


By David Peters

Copyright © 2012 by David Peters

SmashWords Edition


The End World Series


End World: Dawn of the Corrupted

End World: Ultimate Corruption

End World:  The Captain’s Tale



Author’s Note


To those readers that are following the End World series, first and foremost, thank you for allowing me the time to take you on the journey that is Dylan and Niccole’s life.  When I first put virtual words on paper, I never imagined my story would reach so many and so far.  Thank you to all my readers!  This, the third story in the End World series, actually starts before the first chapter in End World: Dawn of the Corrupted (the first book).  This is the story of Chris “Cap-Cap” Caperson and how he came to be where and who he was.  It is from a different point of view than that of a civilian fighting to escape.  This book occurs in the same general time period as the first and parts of the second book, and in some cases touches both those stories (as readers may recall).  I had many requests and questions around the life and times of ‘Whiskey’ Jen and Cap-Cap so without further ado (enter ominous opening music theme, lights go down as the show, I mean book, begins)…

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