Chapter One

“Keep your damned hands to yourself, Captain Todd!” Pam shrugged her shoulder out from under the man’s palm. Angry that he had followed her to continue their heated discussion, she did not turn to confront him. In the narrow, cramped space of the airplane’s galley their bodies would be almost touching.

“Will you just listen to what I’m telling you for one minute? For heaven’s sake, my career is on the line here!”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you started groping me last night,” Pam snapped back, replacing the coffee pot and picking up her cup.

“I already told you, I was only steering you towards our table.”

“Yeah, with your hand on my butt. And I suppose your proposition to share your hotel room was entirely innocent too.”

“It was your waist, not your ass,” Todd said. “You’re an attractive young woman, Miss Weston, and we were both off duty. Or I thought we were.”

Pam felt a thrill of triumph. She had suckered him there, sure enough. She took a sideways step and turned to face him. “On or off Company time, Captain, you have a responsibility to uphold the airline’s standards. That does not include molesting the cabin staff.”

Todd’s expression grew more exasperated. “I repeat, Miss Weston, I do not molest our stewardesses.” He wagged a finger at her when she raised a sardonically sceptical eyebrow. “Don’t think I don’t know who’s behind these allegations, or that I won’t be denying them and backing it up with proof. I’ve got letters from Tracy Shaw describing in detail what she’d like to do to me. Graphic, explicit descriptions. You’ve got it all wrong. Tracy’s obsessed with me. She made the accusations because I wouldn’t play ball.”

“I’m not at liberty to divulge who made the allegations,” Pam said, “and I see no reason to discuss the matter further. You’ll have your chance to present your side of the story at our New York office. And I will be presenting the evidence I gathered during yesterday’s flight, and the rather disagreeable time I had to spend with you last evening.”

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