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Voices and Bullets

By Brian C. Williams

Copyright 2012 Brian C. Williams

Smashwords Edition


There are only a couple things that make me really uneasy. For the most part I’m a pretty steady person- Pretty solid. Once I was fifty yards from a bear and you know what? Nothing, my heart rate didn’t move a bit.

Ok, some may say an addiction might make a person a little off but I don’t think a mild Pagophagia addiction is really that bad. Who does it hurt? Might make you uneasy but not me.

When I was fourteen I developed an uneasy feeling when it came to dealing with heights. It came about because of something that happened when my mom and I were visiting some of my relatives in Houston.

I had the misfortune of having to spend the day with Aunt Jodi’s crazy new boyfriend James.

We had heard stories about James before we made the trip down to Texas. All of her now grown kids were totally against the relationship and didn’t have anything nice to say about him.

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