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Love Interrupted

True Love Versus Deadly Secrets

©2010 David and Linda Broughton, Smashwords Edition

Original Copyright 2009, David and Linda Broughton.

All rights reserved by the authors. Except for the well-known names used herein, the characters and story are fictitious. Those well-known names have been used in fictitious circumstances.

Chapter 1

Its been a month since Dad's funeral, I guess it's time I went through the business records to see what Dad had going on. I'm not looking forward to that. I hope the crime scene cleanup crew I hired out of Boston did a good job. I certainly don't want to sit there with Dad's blood on the carpet and desk to remind me of his violent, senseless death. The cops sure haven't turned up anything, as if this small town police force would. They're not really equipped to deal with such things. The one investigator they have, Bob Williams, tried, but got nowhere. That late at night, nobody saw anything.

Jeff Watson drives his father's nearly new Cadillac over to the offices. He can't really think of the Cadillac as his, though legally, he's inherited everything. The way his father set it up, he doesn't even pay inheritance taxes on it, something to do with everything being in a corporation name and Jeff the only shareholder. Jeff's not exactly sure how that all works, but the firm's attorneys and accountants assure him it's true and legal.

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