Lonely Nights at Security

By Sara Watson

Copyright 2012 Sara Watson

Smashwords Edition

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in the following story are over the age of 18. The following work is intended for mature audiences only as it contains graphic sexual imagery, which includes mild BDSM, bondage, rough sex, exhibitionism, and crude language. If any of these subjects offend you, it is strongly suggested you find something else to read.

All the characters and events in the following story are fictional and were created for the purposes of entertainment.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

The following work is licensed for personal enjoyment only, the author retains all rights and permissions to following story under copyright law. Therefore it is illegal to copy, redistribute, post, or otherwise do anything with this work without the expressed written permission of the author, beyond reading it for your personal enjoyment. If you wish to share this work with others, you are asked to direct any interested party to Smashwords.com to purchase their own copy, and where other works by this author will be available.

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