Cheap bastard.

She didn’t buy into the guilt trip, but she wasn’t completely innocent either. She’d known something was up. There’d been too many late nights at the office or unexpected “business” trips, and while she might not be sexy, she was smart enough to know what that meant. In the beginning she’d convinced herself it was her imagination. Ethan was her college sweetheart. He’d been her first—her only—and she just knew he wouldn’t do something like that.

Yeah right, Mina snorted and took another drink.

Then, she was ashamed to admit, she’d almost hoped he’d find someone else so she wouldn’t be the one to leave. After four years together their relationship was safe. Comfortable. Leaving him would throw her whole life into chaos.

Mina hated chaos.

Their friends—his friends—would take his side without question. Ethan had just finished designing another golf course; he’d been in seven magazines. He was up and coming—the mind behind the newest, cutting edge courses. No one would question him if he said he had to find satisfaction somewhere else. They’d think she was lucky he was still going to marry her even if the sex was lousy.

And it was lousy. There was no question about that. But even so, she never turned Ethan away and she’d have sworn he enjoyed himself. They had sex at least once a week and when he fucked her he came quickly enough. He always made ridiculous faces and noises and early in their relationship Mina learned to keep her eyes closed until he was done so she wouldn’t frown or laugh at the wrong time. Afterwards he would kiss her sloppily and then roll away and fall soundly asleep.

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