To all those who believe in what they are doing.

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To my brother Donald who lent his time and talents to

edit and proof this and other works

Death of Kings © 2012 Robert Thomas

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The world of men is crumbling. Their lands have been invaded by two massive armies streaming up from the Great Southern Wastelands. Driven on by the dark magics of the Dol-shar wizards they have trampled the peaceful valleys of the Chrystum and burnt a path to the very doorstep of the divided kingdoms of Ostergaul.

More than just an invasion force, their mission is the utter destruction of the race of men. The Dol-shar have but a single vision, to rain their vengeance upon Ostergaul in retribution for the war lost a hundred generations ago. Only the untested power of the Army of the Rim and the uncertainty of the crystal stand before the black armies.

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