The Prodigal Parent

Michael Behmer


As I sit down to write this book, I imagine that I’m in a support group for parents. All of us in the room are new to the meeting, and you really don’t know much about me. Except that I’m a parent in need. We sit down together, and I begin the meeting. “Hi. My name is Michael.” You reply, “Hi Michael.” I continue, “I’m a terrible father. I’m selfish. I’m inconsistent. I’m controlling. I’m a liar. I’m a cheater. I’m a sinner. I’m broken” And you, the other parents, and I say together, “We are worse off than we realize. But we are more loved by our Heavenly Father than we’ll ever know.” We all take a deep breath together and know that despite all of our failings, because of our Heavenly Father’s love for us, we can trust in His plan and know that we are exactly where He wants us. Because of His love, we can also be honest, vulnerable and uncomfortable without threat with one another. We have Christ to support us, and the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives.

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