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Access Restricted

By David Rogers

Published by David Rogers at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 David Rogers

 One: Downtown Boston 2199   

It is early spring in Boston, Massachusetts. The city is inhabited by humans and robots that walk and drive there hover cars and hover cycles in the streets carrying out there everyday tasks. Officers who uphold the national lockdown law patrol the streets. They walk on the streets carrying their laser rifles and pistols they also patrol there riding their hover cycles. 12 ft. 2000lb metal bipedal robots called IncBots who are heavily armed with laser weapons aid them. Two hover cars descend and land down on the surface of Tremont St. The car doors vertically open up. Three men get out of the car, one Asian man named Lee who is 5ft 7in tall, stalky build one black man named Mike who is 6ft 5 in. tall, athletically build and one white man named Peter who is 6ft even, muscular build. One of them takes one drag from a cigarette then he exhales the smoke and then thumps it on the cement sidewalk. "Hey you put your litter in its proper receptacle that's an order" the 2000lb, heavily armed bipedal Incbot shouted. "Sure thing" Peter replied. Mike walks over to the other hover car parked in back, the window rolls down on the driver's side. The beautiful face of an Indian woman whose name is Shana is revealed. "You all coming in the café with us" Mike asked. "No baby, we're going to ride around the town a bit, see what's happening" Shana responded. Mike runs his hand through Shana's long, ebony black silky hair and kisses her lips. "See you later baby,” she said. "Not if I see you first" Mike replied winking his eye at Shana. The window rolls up, the hover engine ignites and the car vertically and emerges into the ongoing air traffic. Mike, Peter and Lee walk into café, they sit down at a table at the far end.

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