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Family,” I answered without hesitating. To Chris it was all that mattered but why would this matter to Rico? My heart was nearly back under control now as I waited for what I knew would come.

Who was the only person Chris truly trusted Taylor?” Rico whispered into my ear as his grip tightened slightly on my throat.

Without responding I let my mind go back to those days, those memories I tried to shut away forever. Rico loosened his grip as the images filled my mind. The only person Chris ever trusted was a cousin of his but I couldn’t recall his name. Although he went to a different school, we did spend time with him. I couldn’t get an image of the guy in my head no matter how I tried. How many times had the cousin gone out with us? How many times had the cousin held me while Chris tormented me? Taking a deeper breath I focused on trying to recall his name or face. Relaxing as Rico loosened his hand some more it finally stuck me. Ricky was his name. Dark haired, mean and someone I truly did not like at all. Slowly a good vision of Ricky appeared to me and my breath caught in my throat and I opened my eyes to look directly into Rico’s……………………………………………

Who IS Rico and why is he alone with Taylor?

Find the answer by reading the finale of the Taylor Saga!

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