Her Little Secret

James Snow

Published by James Snow at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Snow

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Chapter One

Shaun sat there, bored out of his mind listening to the presenter drone on about the company statistics. So far his day had been anything but exciting. He'd been up early in order to make it in good time to the meeting and make a good first impression. His boss had promised that it would be a great opportunity to mingle and build his profile within the company and that they day would be fast paced and exciting. Right now none of those promises were being delivered.

Yawning he looked to his right, smiling at the woman sat beside him. She was obviously as unimpressed by the statistics that were pouring from the presenters mouth as he was. So far she'd been the only thing worth paying attention to. The moment she'd walked into the hall she'd caught his eye. She was absolutely beautiful, drawing almost every eye in the hall.

She was tall, about six foot two from what he could tell, something that really attracted him to her due to his own height of six foot four. She wore her long brown hair down, falling just shy of her generous curves which were pressing against her blazer jacket and she had an ass to die for, so firm and tight, the fabric of her trousers hugging against her.

The woman noticed him looking at her, catching his gaze and smiling at him in return. Her eyes were a pale blue, so light they appeared almost silver. Her smile was captivating, her full lips revealing a row of perfect white teeth beneath. Her skin was smooth and pale, her cheeks a slightly darker shade of pink.

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