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When her uncle, the current boss, is shot by a rival gang, she just might get her chance.

But her cousin, her only competition, whispers something to her that throws her off track. He says her mother ratted the family out to the police. He says that her mother's death wasn't an accident, but a hit ordered by her father.

Her entire worldview called into question, Olivia sets about hunting down the truth about her parents. And to complicate matters, she seems to be falling for a boy who's turning into a berserker—from her own family's charms.

As her set of values shatters around her, Olivia must choose between staying loyal to her family or fighting against them. 



I am indebted to my beta readers Stacey Wallace Benefiel and Kate Danley for their help in getting this manuscript into shape.

The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One

by V.J. Chambers


Chapter One

"Why'd you drop out of school, Calabrese?" asks Brice. He's lying on the bench inside the dugout of the community baseball field behind The Shakespeare Theater. It is close to midnight. Hours ago, Brice and I were in the opening night performance of Macbeth. Most of the other members of the play are over twenty-one, and they have all abandoned the opening night party for bars. Brice and I have been drinking backstage for over an hour. We have been drinking too much and too fast, but we don't realize this, because right now, it feels too good to be buzzed drunk in the night air.

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