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The lonely grave of J. F. Fitten sits alone under the shade of an aged tree. This is the smallest upright marker in Wildomar Cemetery. Its’ owner died on Feb. 26, 1900. See Chapter 2, receipt 9, for the Fitten profile. The markers in the background belong to the Wilks family; left is the double marker for Valentine and his mother, Fanny; right Mary Wilks Derbyshire. See Chapter 2, receipt 16, for the Wilks profile. Photograph by Edy Rodarme; formatted by Joe Rodarme.


To the dozens of people who have struggled over the years to preserve and maintain the history and grounds of Wildomar Cemetery.


To all the wonderful volunteers who post genealogy information online to share with all of us who are searching for it! You’re awesome!

Thanks to Kathe Sabetzadeh for her support, both moral and physical. Kathe served as editor, assistant researcher and a strong shoulder to lean on.

A very special thanks to Joe Rodarme for designing the cover and dealing with all of the technical aspects of getting this eBook published. Gracias, Jose!

Thanks also go to Anthony Hoffman, Sharon Hunter, Kirk Schrader, Daniel Torres, Gary Andre, and Gil Rasmussen for their assistance.

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