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Tripletton Ridge

By: Kyle Hina

There was a small nation, called Tripletton Ridge,
Somewhere between Nowhere, and across Yonder Bridge.
The nation was made up of two separate towns,
High-Town and Low-Town, across River Downs.

The people of the towns, they did not get along.
Because each one thought the other did everything wrong.
Like getting out of bed on the left not the right,
And tying their left shoe strings just a little too tight,
Or stirring their coffee with two spoons, not one.
And putting their jelly on the outside of the bun.

The people of High-Town were rich and classy,
With bow-ties and top-hats so silver and flashy.
But the people of Low-Town were really quite poor,
They had tiny round houses, but nothing much more.
It is true that even some, had not even a front door!

In Low-Town there lived one little Jonny-Jay,
Who was just like you are in many a way.
Except that he was shorter, than most kids today.

But there was one thing he disliked, so much more,
Than standing short at only two foot four,
Or living in Low-Town, where they were all very poor.
It was that he had never ever heard music before.

See, there was only one music store in Tripletton Ridge,
In Low-Town, on the corner past the Seventh Street Bridge.

On the corner where Seventh and Second Street met,
Stood the infamous music store, the Eighth-Note Outlet,
Owned by an old music teacher named Opus van Chet.

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