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This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered on 4th December 2011 in Murgon, Australia by Jesus (also known as AJ Miller) as part of the series on Gods Laws, focusing on the Law of Cause and Effect. In this talk Jesus describes how the cause for every event that happens in our lives is something within our souls, all unloving effects have unloving causes, and we can only change events if we address the cause.

Reminder From Jesus & Mary

Jesus and Mary would like to remind you that any document produced by Divine Truth containing any information from Jesus, Mary or any other person includes only a portion of God's Truth that they have personally discovered.

It does not and cannot contain the entire of God's Truth since God's Truth is infinite and humankind will forever continue to discover more of God's Truth as we progress in receiving more of God's Love.

Please remember that due to these limitations information contained within this document may need to be revised in the future.

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