A young woman searching for her past finds something she never expected—love and acceptance

No one of mixed-blood is treated well in Soldara, especially not a child conceived out of wedlock. Jelena’s mother died giving her daughter life, and she has been raised by an uncle who treats her as little more than a servant. But there’s something more to Jelena that not even she knows about. In a desperate attempt to save her people, an ancestor of Jelena’s stole the power of The Nameless One and placed it where he could never reach it—a thousand years in the future, trapped within Jelena.

When blue fire erupts from Jelena’s hands protecting her from the attacks of a bully, she knows she must discover its source by looking for her past. Jelena sets off to find her father, her only clue an exquisite ring with the figure of a griffin. But Jelena’s power is not the only thing that has awoken. Deep beneath a mountain an ancient evil stirs, and as Jelena searches for answers, it starts searching for her.


This series chronicles the life of Jelena, a young girl in search of her heritage. Her journey takes her on an adventure of magic, danger, and most startling of all—true love. Will Jelena and Ashinji’s love be strong enough to stand against evil? Or will the ultimate sacrifice be required to save their world? Find out in this sweeping epic of the award winning Griffin’s Daughter Trilogy.


The first book in the series, Griffin’s Daughter, won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best First Fiction from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Praise for Griffin’s Daughter Trilogy

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