Learn how to apply eyeshadow, how to use cosmetics and many other make up tips. With just a bit of care and attention, you will be the star of the night. Add your great face to a trendy dress and Fashion will be your protecting Goddess. You don't need to be a makeup artist to look fabulous. You just need to know how to use makeup products. The beauty salon will be a vague memory of a past when you used to spend tons of money on cosmetics. With our cheap makeup tips, your wallet will be relaxed and you will be happier than ever with who you are and how you look like.

In the end, it is not important if your nose is bigger or if your lips are not fuller. Sexy girls know it: beauty comes from within. And when you take good care of your body and when you know how to be healthy, beauty will shine through your skin. It is not about fashion trends: it is about what suits you, your personality and your lifestyle. It is about loving yourself.

The Beauty Tips

With all the new beauty products out there, sometimes it gets hard to know what to pick and what not. But the secret behind it all is a good knowledge of your body, what is good and what is bad about it and knowing what needs some extra-care. Since we, women, always want to show off our beauty, we have put together the best set of beauty tips out there.

Grandma's advice is not always outdated

Most of her tips can work perfectly well nowadays too. And the first golden rule is the 'beauty sleep'. Seriously, there's nothing better than it. 

A relaxed body is a beautiful body. Plus, black circles around your eyes are NOT trendy at all. Nobody can pull that off unless they're a rock star.

Beauty care starts with a good skin

Start with a body lotion suitable for your type of skin. If you know it is dry, pick a richer, fatter body lotion and if you know you are one of the oily types (acne problems, dilated pores, etc), make sure your lotion is not too heavy. Otherwise, the effect might be exactly opposite to what you were looking for.

Body scrubs are great since they peel off the excessive skin and let the products do their job. A very cheap but effective scrub is made out of aromatherapy oil, olive oil and some salt.

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