A Few Good Gays

By Anita Dobs

Copyright Anita Dobs 2012

Smashwords Edition

Saving the world from gay aliens had been one thing, but dealing with the attention of the press and friends and family afterwards had been a lot more difficult. Josh Devlin had no choice but to come out of the closet after Major Suckz had asked him to volunteer to essentially fuck three gay aliens in a bid to save the world in a bizarre sex battle, where Josh took them all on at once and won Earths freedom. Being a U.S marine, and a gay man, wasn't that easy; no matter he'd been awarded the silver star, there were still snide remarks in the barracks, especially when he showered with the other men.

Corporal Rawling, his gay lover, had stood by him. But it hadn't been easy. If anything, the incident had brought them closer together; but there were no more late night shower fucks as all eyes had been on them. Their relationship hadn't been intended to be more than just casual anal and oral sex in the shower. But now it had taken on an altogether different slant, a deeper one as they were brought together by the mutual alienation of their fellow manly marines. But corporal Rawling was becoming more and more fascinated with Josh's experience of his alien gang-bang, and always wanted to recount it to him, as he sucked Josh's cock,

Come on, tell me again about how one alien was fucking you in the mouth, and the other at the same time was inserting his member up your asshole and tickling your male G-spot.”,

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