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The Last Human

Eric Steven Johnson

Copyright © 2012 Eric Steven Johnson

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 9781301461394

Jay looked at the lifeless robot carcass next to him. It was in poor shape; circuitry hung from every orifice. He had been holding a conversation for the past fifteen minutes without care that it was not answering him back. No one, or nothing answered Jay anymore… because Jay was the last human being. When humanity decided to rise up and overthrow their robotic overlords, only he had survived. He was left alone, drifting the countryside in the hopes of finding another living thing. Jay had grown bored with the direction his one-sided conversation had taken and he pushed the robotic husk aside. He stood, brushed the layers of dust that had accumulated on his ragged clothing and did what he did best… Jay walked on.

Everything around him was covered in gray dust, lifeless and ugly. Most buildings had been razed, plants and trees were overgrown and rotted and there was a perpetually putrid smell in the air. He had grown used to the lack of life around him, save for the occasional robot corpse. He had been wandering for what he estimated was a three year span. He had become rail thin and sickly looking but his body was still strong. There was no shortage of food as the robots had never seen fit to destroy it all. Instead, they horded all rations into storage bunkers. One or two of these bunkers existed in every town and there were enough rations in each for hundreds of people. Being that Jay was a sole survivor, the supplies proved to be infinite.

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