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Isabella Tames the Beast

By Tamara Clay


Copyright© 2012 by Tamara Clay

Isabella Tames the Beast

Isabella’s father was a sweet man but not terribly smart. She thought that with a fond smile as she stared up at the gate of the large house, the house where she would pay a debt for something her father did. She shoved open the gate and it screeched, a metallic and ancient whine, as it opened. Then again, maybe she was the one who wasn’t very smart. It was her who told him to get bring her a bouquet of roses dipped in twenty-four karat gold on his way back from his latest business trip.

She didn’t realize the roses, covered in real gold, would be so expensive. And she definitely never expected her father to actually borrow money to get her the stupid things. And borrow money from a loan shark at that.

Oh, papa! Isabella shook her head as she rang the doorbell to the big house on the beach, waiting for the loan shark who had called in her father’s marker – bring me your daughter or suffer the consequences – to answer the door.

She knew she should have been scared about now belonging to the loan shark for the terms in the contract that her father hadn’t revealed to her yet, but there was something about the man that intrigued her. She didn’t tell her father that she didn’t mind being the one to go to the man whose name was Magnus Prince but who everyone called the Prince of Madness. He would think she was crazy. So she kept her secret delight to herself and went to this new adventure with eyes wide open.

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