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The statement reflected in the title requires an explanation, although once you read the articles contained herein…no additional explanation should be necessary.

First things first,( not necessarily my style) I am without question a senior, in fact I’m verging on becoming way more of a “Senior” senior then I could ever have anticipated or desired just a few measly decades ago. I currently possess enough physical maladies to qualify as a footnote in “Grays Anatomy”. I have more pills than “Bayer’s”…certain functions that used to be involuntary no longer even volunteer. In addition the mirror and the calendar, unlike me don’t lie.

Second things second. Why am I self defined as “Irate?” The answer is simple and simply shared by any and all other clear thinking seniors. The media and even Mr. Webster refer to us as …Geezers, Fogies, Fossils, Fuddy- duddies, Old farts, Relics, and these are just the endearing ones. The media ignores us because they believe we’re irrelevant. One of my articles breaks down just how irrelevant we are in movies television, and commercials.

When we see our beloved brother “Relic” perform in Movies, or television…a rare event…we are objectified as the mean neighbor the kids laugh at and taunt, or on the other hand we’re the “Uber”-wise, mysterious Yoda or Mr.Miyagi…as for the latter the mystery is why the “Uber-wise”fogie born and raised in Spit Falls, Idaho…never having ventured past his own zip code speaks with a pronounced Japanese accent.

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