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Black Lightning

By David and Linda Broughton

Revised edition Copyright 2013, David Broughton, Smashwords Edition

Original copyright 2009 David and Linda Broughton

Well-known names are used fictitiously; all other characters are fictitious, any resemblance to real people is a credit to the authors ability, but purely coincidental. No part of this book may be used in any way without the expressed written consent of the authors. All rights reserved by the remaining author.

Chapter 1

The red and blue flashing lights blend with the smoke, steam, and glow from the smoldering remains of the house to make a surreal, eerie scene. What was once a small farmhouse is still standing, more or less. How it remains upright after being so severely burnt is a bigger mystery than what went on here.

Detective Robinson is all too familiar with this kind of scene. At the moment, it doesn't strike her as unusual since she's seen many like it. She has a green Army Surplus blanket in hand as she approaches the young girl the firemen found on the scene when they responded to the blaze. The girl is wearing only thin, soot covered once pink pajamas, now mostly ashen gray. Where the pajamas aren't too covered with soot, Detective Robinson can see there are horses printed on the material. This tiny slip of a girl is holding a small teddy bear tightly wrapped in her arms. "It's cool out tonight, sweetie, here wrap up in this blanket. I'm afraid it will take a while before we can get your official statement, then get your new living arrangements sorted out."

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