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Praise for Alixandra's Wings

Alixandra's Wings is a delight, carrying the reader of whatever age quickly and easily into the world of Lumin, a "third planet" with both striking similarities to and striking differences from Earth, where humans are born with wings that they have lost both the ability and the will to use.

Little remains of the fabled past paradise of crystal spires, clean air and open-hearted freedom, except a prophecy that a golden-winged child will be born one day to restore Lumin to its natural beauty and its people to their long-lost joy. The prophesy is, of course, dismissed as mere fairy tale, suitable only for children.

Into this world Alixandra is born, following her mother's vision that she is to be the child of the prophesy. Though it is clear to us from the first that she is, indeed, the golden-winged one whose task it is to heal her world, it is not clear that she will succeed. Beautifully and tightly written, the story pulls us forward through the conflict between authority and freedom, head and heart.

For the child, whether reading or read-to, the story is whole and complete in itself. For those who recognize its allegorical elements, it is an affirmation of the possibilities and the inherent strength of the human spirit. The authors have created an enduring story, both familiar and new.

~ Stephanie Tolan
Author of
Surviving the Applewhites, Newbery Honor Award Winner

Copyright © 2009 P. B. MacEnulty and Lumin Wakoa
All Rights Reserved. This is a Work of fiction.
Published by
Prism Light Press
PO Box 625, Tallahassee, FL 32302
Smashwords Edition
Library of Congress Control Number: 2010909967
ISBN-10 0983035725
ISBN-13 9780983035725

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