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College faculty

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To arrange such talks, contact him through his web site.

A widely published researcher, Dr. Klemm is listed in 19 biographical publications, including Marquis’ Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who in the World. He has impressive credentials and can speak with authority about how the brain learns and remembers. His analyses are esteemed by journal editors who have called on him to serve on the Editorial Boards of eleven scholarly journals and to peer-review on the order of a thousand papers for over 45 research journals.

Other Books by Bill Klemm

Memory Power 101, 298 p.

Atoms of Mind. The “Ghost in the Machine” Materializes. Springer

Core Ideas in Neuroscience. Benecton. (

Blame Game. How To Win It. Benecton.

Dillos. Roadkill on Extinction Highway? Benecton. (

Understanding Neuroscience, Mosby

Science, The Brain, and Our Future, Bobbs-Merrill

Discovery Processes in Modern Biology, Kreiger

Brainstem Mechanisms of Behavior, John Wiley & Sons

Global Peace Through the Global University System, Univ. Tampere

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