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Part 1

The ship cruised slowly out of the dense vapours that had plagued her for the last two days. As she did so, long, slender beams slid out and her vast mainsails unfurled. A slight adjustment and the sails filled, bellying out as they caught the cosmic wind. Now, the ship looked small, barely visible at the heart of the array of solar sails. Captain Henri Duschelle glanced at his instruments and nodded in satisfaction.

"Coming back on course, Cap'n," Herron, the ship's Master, said, giving the wheel a minute turn. "Full and bye."

"Very good. We'll keep full sails set for now, but we'll have to trim them when we approach the Oort Cloud."

"Aye, sir."

"Mister Kitson! You have the bridge."

First Lieutenant Richard Kitson acknowledged and moved to Herron's side, glancing at the compass globe. A small light indicated the ship's position, relative to the galactic equator and the axis of the galaxy.

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