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And so it began.

Chapter 1

OMG! wake up Mia, Wake up” Sophia's panicked voice echoed through the hall.

She stormed with urgency into Mia's bedroom. Her feet slapped against the wooden floor causing an echo. Mia fumbled around for her alarm clock to see what the time was. She was sure she hadn’t been asleep for long.

Bloody hell, Sophia, it's midnight and you know I have to be up early.”

Mia looked in the direction of Sophia's voice. Her eyes squinted involuntarily as she was blinded by the light that shone in from the hall. Her voice slurred and she rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up.

Mia, you are not going to believe this. I couldn’t sleep and you know how I like to open my curtains and watch the sky?- Well, you are not going to believe me when I show you, so come on, get up and get over here.”

Wearily, Mia threw back the covers and stomped over to the window. Her feet winced in protest as they came into contact with the icy cold wood floor, her slippers had done a disappearing act. Sophia's shaking hands grabbed at the heavy velvet curtains, and with one clean swoop, she tore them clean off their rails, sending tiny particles of dust dancing in the air.

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