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Mother May I?

Clark threw his bag full of books across his room before slamming the door with a bang. His father just didn’t understand how hard it was to be in school and work a full time job. Now that Clark and his twin sister Claire were eighteen their parents expected them to pay rent as well as get good grades. Clark hated arguing with his father, especially on the day that they were supposed to be going to the last Giants game of the season. They’d had the tickets for months, but when Clark’s end of the semester grades had come in the mail this morning, his father had not only given his ticket away to his sister, but had also given Clark a list of chores to finish before he could enjoy his weekend. Claire had wanted nothing more than to take her brother’s place today. They were always competing for alone time with their father growing up, and she had won this time. Clark rolled his eyes as he remembered the look on his sister’s face as she’d run out the door and jumped in their father’s truck to go to the game. He had enough money saved to buy his own ticket, but what would be the point if he were there all alone. Plus, there had been more than twenty items on the chore list. Clark would be lucky if he finished them all by Sunday night.

Clark pulled off his game day shirt and flung it across the room, falling face first onto his mattress before he let out a frustrated roar into his pillows. High School was supposed to be the end of being treated like a child, but listening to his sister and staying home to attend a community college together had been the worst decision he’d made yet. He wanted freedom. He wanted his own place. But most of all he just wanted privacy. His ex, Jenny, had broken up with him once she realized that he’d be living at home his first year of college. She also went to the same community college, but was now dating some guy that not only had his own apartment, but his own car too. Clark had neither. He hadn’t been laid in three months and his frustrations were steady piling up. The only one that seemed to actually get it lately was his mother.

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