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Father May I?

Claire’s father groaned in frustration as traffic leading to the stadium slowed to a jerking crawl. They’d left three hours early for the game, but apparently everyone else had too. It didn’t help that a three car accident was somewhere ahead of them and probably impossible to clean up in this jam. Claire sighed heavily as her eyes swept the tall steel tractor trailers on either side of her father’s truck. They’d been boxed in for more than an hour and she was getting restless and hot just sitting in one spot. Her twin brother, Clark probably would have given anything to be stuck in a truck with their father, but Claire was already nervous enough. She hadn’t really wanted to go to the game, but she figured that it would be the perfect time to ask her father’s permission to go on the camping trip with her boyfriend Fitz and their friends. Her father had been talkative and happy for the first hour of their drive, but now he had his head on the steering wheel, his face drawn tight as if he were pissed off.

Claire tried to think of something to say that would make him smile again, but she couldn’t think of anything. The New York Giants sweatshirt she wore was making her skin sticky underneath and she couldn’t stand it for another minute.

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