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Brother May I?

Clark could hear his sister humming to herself before she made it down the hall. Their mother had woken up just in time to rush from his bed and into her own room to clean up before the front door banged completely shut. His father was home, and Clark knew that he’d be checking on the chores that hadn’t gotten done. A shower would give him time to come up with an excuse before he had to face him, and maybe enough time to beat his dick and fantasize about the way he’d spent the earlier part of his day. Clark’s mother had went three straight rounds of fucking him before falling asleep in his arms, and Clark had just been about to lick her awake when he’d heard his father’s truck pulling into the driveway. His mother had fled and he’d been left with a semi hard dick. Sure he’d had his fill of pussy for the day…Shit…more pussy than he’d had all summer, but he was eighteen, and at eighteen he was already ready for more.

Clark could hear his father moving about the kitchen, and then heavy footsteps down the hall towards the bedrooms. As much as he didn’t want to move from his warm spot under the covers, Clark didn’t want a confrontation with his father right now. He bolted from his bed into the bathroom that adjoined his room with his sisters, forgetting to knock and forgetting to turn around when he saw her standing in her underwear. He wasn’t expecting to run right into her, the dopey smile on her face immediately changing into a scowl and then a scream.

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