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Sister May I?

Clark should have been sleeping like a baby right now. His father hadn’t said one word to him over dinner about the forgotten chores, and had even offered to let him use the truck tomorrow to go down to the beach with his friends. Claire and Clark had shared secret smiles over the dinner table all night, but Clark hadn’t missed the knowing glances his father kept giving Claire either. His mother had even gotten bold and ran her toes up along Clark’s leg when she asked him to pass the mashed potatoes, setting his dick to a permanent semi-erectness it seemed.

Never had Clark ever thought that his mom and his sister would be the two best fucks of his life, but it was a reality now, and with both of them sleeping just feet away from his bedroom, there was no way he was getting any sleep tonight. Clark had been lying in his bed in darkness for more than two hours, waiting for the sound of the T.V. to turn off in the living room. His mother always went to bed before them, his father staying up to watch his favorite late show before turning in. Clark’s father had come down the hall more than thirty minutes ago, and Clark was sure that he was safely tucked in by now. He’d left his door to the bathroom slightly cracked because the handle squeaked and he didn’t want to scare Claire or wake their parents, but he was sure Claire was probably expecting him. She’d made sure to show off the pale yellow nightie she’d chosen to sleep in tonight, leaving both doors to the bathroom open so that he had a clear view of her doing her nightly rituals.

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