All Hallow’s Eve

by Linda Jordan

Copyright 2012 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo for ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ by Igor Kovalchuk

Licensed by Dreamstime

Smashwords Edition

All Hallow’s Eve

Kathy put another pressed log in the wood stove and closed the metal door. That should keep the fire roaring to compensate for leaving the front door open half the night. Straightening up, she adjusted her witch’s hat and paced around the living room. She glanced at the bowl of Halloween candy. She hoped there would be enough.

Peeking out the front door, she didn’t see any kids yet. The cool breeze brought with it the scents of woodsmoke and rain-wet earth. The moon was just past full, bright enough to give that magical, fall illumination which turned everything silver. She loved the crispness of the air. It made her think of past Halloweens and she could almost taste apple cider, caramel and pumpkin. Her favorite day of the year.

She’d come straight home from work at the bank. Ate a quick dinner and changed into her costume. Black blouse, black velvet skirt, striped black and white socks and black Doc Martens. Then her moonstone pendant set in silver to match her long silver and black hair, topped with the hat. Her black and silver spiderweb shawl lay draped over a chair, waiting for her to get cold. And she put on some makeup. Something she never wore, except on this day.

Because this was Halloween, the one night of the year she wanted to be who she wasn’t. She wanted to be beautiful.

Beautiful enough to catch people’s attention. To catch men’s attention. Even though she’d only see kids, neighbors and the occasional Dad who was probably married. She didn’t really want to navigate a relationship. At least she didn’t think she did and it had never been an option anyway.

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